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CALIFORNIA: Creation of a Modern-Day ‘Telephone Game’

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As a kid, you may have had a tree house, or a fort, and probably multiple. Perhaps you had outposts scattered throughout the yard. You ‘might’ have connected each station with yarn spread between  two plastic cups – one at each end.

The yarn would dignify as your telephone line and the plastic cups would function as receivers. Each kid would man a fort outpost and talk into the plastic cup as if each were ‘on guard’ ringing in and looking out for the ‘enemy forces’ in the distance.

If you think in terms of the ‘Telephone Game,’ you realize that social distancing looks very similar to this childhood past time. Back in the day, kids would count their men and outposts. If an enemy came within range, everybody would be alerted – of course through the yard and cup ‘network.’ Today, we talk on a phone network while staying physically distant.

How Can the Yarn and Cups be Replaced While Warding Off ‘Enemy’ Germs?

In social distancing, we are just playing the ‘Telephone Game.’ We ask people to stay at least 6-ft apart that are not from the same ‘outpost’ or family location. When social distancing fails, it is generally because people did not heed the local directives to keep their distance; therefore, giving rise to the COVID-19 case count and spreading of germs.

Everyone diagnosed as COVID-19 Positive is asked to engage in a practice called ‘contact tracing.’ Contact tracing involves taking a deeper look by ‘tracing’ each of the individuals the person came encountered over the past two weeks. This can be done manually on a piece of paper or electronically through a smart device app.

What are Some of the Ways to Stop the Spread of Germs?

California recently noticed their case count and litigation numbers were some of the highest in the country. In response, the state created a website to help residents check for symptoms, know where to go to get tested, and receive FREE advice. The site even gives details regarding contact tracing, how to keep track of where you have been, and with whom you were in contact with over time.

To take advantage of these services, simply navigate to This program is provided at no-cost and will never ask for your financial information or social security number.

Together we can stop the spread of COVID-19 by being armed with the best, most up-to-date information at our fingertips.

Additionally, an app is also accessible on Apple devices called ‘COVIDSafe.’

Finally, CLS or Compliance Learning Solutions has a response regarding how to keep both employers and employees safe in the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Be sure to check out the Course Library to see new courses added.


In conclusion, while we might not be playing the ‘Telephone Game,’ we are undertaking the same practices that resemble the rules of the game:

  1. Social distance by keeping your ‘outposts’ at least 6-ft apart
  2. If diagnosed as COVID-19 Positive, trace your steps and inform others of your diagnosis and ‘enemy’ exposure
  3. Stay informed about online resources-no matter the state in which you reside

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