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This resource provides a guide to frequently asked questions as you consider CLS for your training needs. We have also listed step-by-step instructions on how to purchase individual courses as well as how to enroll many users to a course. Above all, CLS is here for YOU. We welcome any questions you may have that are not listed in this resource.

Detailed CLS FAQs

Short CLS Questions and Answers

Each organization must create policies and procedures that outline the frequency of HIPAA training. The Office for Civil Rights does not specify how often an organization must take HIPAA training, although it is recommended to attend annual training to remind staff how important it is to keep patient data secure.

You can print the certificate upon successful completion of the course. This certificate can be provided to your manager or institution for proof of purchase or completion.

The certificate of completion does not have an expiration date. However, the date of completion will be on the certificate.

Group Leaders can monitor employees training progress, send out course e-mail invites, print or e-mail each employees certificate of completion for documentation.

States are beginning to pass their own privacy legislation in addition to Federal HIPAA laws. Texas is one of those states. If you come in contact with PHI for Texas residents, you are subject to Texas H.B. 300 rules and regulations.

We have no restrictions on how long it takes to complete a course. Also, if you’re buying for someone else, there’s no time limit on assigning courses. As a result, you can buy more than you need and save money by taking advantage of volume discounts. 

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Below you will find regulatory-focused information from external resources. 

The organizations listed below continue to update current information including notifications, training, and strategies.

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We want to be your go to online training resource and welcome your comments and/or suggestions. 

Also, CLS has partnered with organizations, such as Labor Law Compliance Center (LLCC). LLCC offers labor law posters in English or Spanish.
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