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CLS is Educating Employers on COVID Risks and Measures

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Web-based Program is Tool to Combat Tidal Wave of COVID-related Workplace Lawsuits

HOUSTON, Texas – A growing number of companies across the nation are doing the smart thing in the age of COVID-19: They are training their employees to protect themselves and others from exposure to the virus in the workplace. They are achieving this through web-based programs like the one offered by a leader in the industry, Texas-based Compliance Learning Solutions (CLS).

Now, this family-run business has taken its training program to the next logical and needed place – it is providing innovative COVID–19 training to help employers avoid employee litigation related to the virus.

“Our course is designed to help employers understand how to keep their employees safe, while protecting themselves from avoidable legal matters,” says Michelle Bordovsky, founder of Compliance Learning Solutions (

“Business owners, supervisors, managers and corporate leaders need to know how to be safe, function in their business, and offer the right information to their staffs.”

Importance of COVID Training

The importance of this kind of training can’t be overstated. As of Oct. 5 2020, 5,319 legal complaints – a total trending alarmingly upward – were filed nationwide since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Many of these lawsuits are targeting corporations and conditions of employment.

In Texas, there were 385 complaints filed, while New York had 1,016, California, 751, Florida, 413, Illinois, 259, New Jersey, 242, and Pennsylvania, 233. This is according to a COVID-19 lawsuit tracker built by the Washington, D.C.-based international law firm Hunton Andrews Kurth.

National Media Coverage

National media have been quick to chronicle this burgeoning problem for the nation’s businesses. “A ‘tidal wave’ of COVID-related workplace lawsuits could be on the way,” screamed a recent headline of a CNN Business article.

“Workers and customers are catching COVID–19. Should businesses escape blame?” appeared in The Los Angeles Times. “Business owners losing hope with COVID liability discussions,” warned WBGZ Radio in Illinois.

No Need to Lose Hope…

Bordovsky says business owners need not lose hope. They simply must prepare.

“Fighting these lawsuits is expensive and time-consuming,” she says. “Business owners who complete our 5-star COVID–19 course, which is only $40, will be in the best position to avoid damaging employees vs. employer litigation related to the virus.”

With so many businesses struggling to contain costs during the pandemic, CLS is offering the COVID-19 Employer and Employee courses at significant discounts, as low as $6 per course, based on the number of individuals trained. 

More than 14 states require COVID-19 training for employees before returning to work. People who have taken the CLS course call it a “great resource” for prevention.

“The COVID-19 Employer training is not only another fantastic and informative course, but it also provides business owners like me with ideas for prevention, things to consider and links to additional information,” says training and learning consultant, Beverly Horner-Reynolds.

“I found the content to be visually captivating and easy to navigate. It is a great resource for every single small business owner, corporate leader and growing professional.”

Employer Course Benefits

The 60-minute course will help employers:

  • Define the COVID-19 virus and identify symptoms
  • Explain how COVID-19 is transmitted between people and surfaces
  • Identify areas of business that may be affected in an extended outbreak
  • Identify plans to mitigate risk for employees prior to returning to work
  • Name basic infection prevention measures an employer can implement
  • Name ways employers can identify and isolate sick people
  • Identify ways to communicate workplace flexibilities and protections
  • Recognize workplace controls to implement in their business

For more information about the CLS course, visit:

“We wanted to provide business owners with tools to protect themselves,” says Bordovsky, who has been an educator for more than 15 years. “So, our course developers created the COVID-19 Training for Employers course, based on CDC and OSHA guidelines, that offers a fast and effective solution for business owners of any size. A small investment in time and money can truly help business owners avoid major headaches, as this pandemic continues.”

Employers who complete the course, which is monitored and includes a comprehensive quiz, receive a Certificate of Completion.

In conclusion, Compliance Learning Solutions, established in 2012, also offers numerous other time-efficient, engaging and cost-effective compliance learning courses for busy professionals, including:

  • Texas HB 300
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Ergonomics
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Workplace Violence