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Coronavirus Prevention Protocols Expand to Include Knowledge

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Compliance Learning Solutions Provides Tools to Protect Businesses, Employees

HOUSTON, Texas – The second wave of coronavirus is hitting with full force. Holiday celebrations across the country have, unfortunately, escalated its severity.

Scientists and medical experts agree it is more vital than ever for Americans to focus on, and follow, prevention protocols, as the world awaits delivery of vaccines that offer hope of ending the pandemic.

By now, we all know about the standard protection protocols for individuals: Wash hands frequently, practice social distancing and wear a mask. But what can companies, large and small, do to protect themselves from liability, while educating their employees about how to stay safe?

A family-run, Texas-based company called Compliance Learning Solutions (, has developed a user-friendly and engaging web-based training program it believes should be considered a mandatory prevention protocol for businesses, business owners and employees.

With hands-on-oversight from a renowned communicator, motivator and educator who has more than 20 years of teaching experience, the company’s innovative courses help participants learn and thoroughly comprehend federal COVID-19 safety guidelines. Importantly, they help employers understand how to keep their employees safe, while protecting themselves and their businesses from costly, time-consuming legal matters. Participants who successfully finish the company’s courses can download and print a Certificate of Completion.

Teaching as a Passion

“Teaching is my passion,” says Michelle Bordovsky, founder of Compliance Learning Solutions. “We know employers and employees have busy schedules, and we understand that time is money. We’ve designed these cost-effective courses to provide all the essential information needed, in a format that is fast-paced, interesting and creative.

“At the same time, we don’t take shortcuts,” she says. “Participants truly are coming away with knowledge that can save lives, save businesses and save people from becoming infected. That’s why we regard these courses as a vital prevention protocol.”

Already, some states, like California and New York, are enforcing stay-at-home orders aimed at slowing COVID’s spread. Even when temporary, these moves, implemented by a growing number of state and local officials, have a huge negative impact on businesses. In fact, studies have found that 92 percent of small businesses have been hurt by the pandemic. Which make pro-active prevention protocols, such as the courses offered by Compliance Learning Solutions, all the more important.    

Tools for Protection

“We are providing business owners and employees with tools to protect themselves,” Bordovsky says. “And, we’re doing it for as little as $3 per course, with frequent discounts available. Our courses are based on the latest CDC and OSHA guidelines. We’re providing a service we honestly believe is helping people. And that’s a great feeling.”

Compliance Learning Solutions, established in 2012, offers numerous time-efficient, engaging and cost-effective compliance learning courses for busy professionals, including HIPAA, Texas HB 300, Sexual Harassment, Bloodborne Pathogens, Cultural Diversity, Ergonomics, Personal Protective Equipment and Workplace Violence.


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