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Even a Magician Can’t Wear Gloves and Make COVID-19 Disappear

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Do Gloves Actually Work?

“Hokus Pokus!”

If you’ve ever been to a magic show, you have heard these infamous words. Maybe the magic phrase was more like:

“Abra Cadabra!”

No matter the exact words or phrase, I bet even their gloves wouldn’t be enough if he or she were performing a trick with an audience member that was COVID-19 positive, they shared the props, and the magician touched his or her face (with gloves on).

The same would be true if you were wearing gloves in the grocery store. You shop in the produce section touching all the same fruits as everyone else. As long as you do not also touch your face, the chances are fairly low of you contracting COIVD-19 or Coronavirus based on touch.

Keep in mind how COVID-19 is spread. It is released via small droplets into the air. While it can ‘live’ on various surfaces, the gloves are only effective or impactful if you NEVER touch any part of your face.

You could touch your face whether you have gloves on or not. Therefore, we must ask ourselves, “Why wear gloves in the first place and what benefit do they provide?”

The CDC has outlined several situations when it is appropriate to wear gloves, and when gloves provide little to no benefit. Follow this link to see the various situations when wearing gloves is either beneficial or detrimental.

Common Glove Situations

Some of the most common situations by where gloves are essential include the following:

  1. When it is part of PPE at an employer location
  2. When you are cleaning and using solvents, and/or …
  3. When you are caring for a COVID-19 positive individual.

Do you fall into any of these ‘buckets?’

Actions to Take

While gloves may not be helpful in all situations, in fact, sometimes they actually spread germs more than they protect, know when they should be used and when they should not. 

In fact, working with multiple back-to-back customers with the same same pair of gloves can actually put you and the customers all at risk. 


Be sure to change your gloves regularly, only work with one person or client, and DO NOT touch your face.

CLS or Compliance Learning Solutions also has a response regarding how to keep both employers and employees safe in the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Be sure to check out the Course Library to see new courses added.

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