HIPAA/Texas HB 300 Online Training Courses Designed for Attorneys

Texas attorneys are considered to be “covered entities” under Texas H.B. 300 and there are very specific guidelines that govern the disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI).

You must be extremely cautious when obtaining and disclosing PHI. The attorney general could turn its attention at any time from the health care industry to attorneys assessing civil and criminal non-compliance penalties. Federal HIPAA fines range from $100 to 1.5 million dollars and Texas H.B. 300 fines range from $5000 to $250,000.

The state of Texas also provides other disciplinary actions which can include injunction relief and probation by the entity’s licensing agency. We know Texas attorneys are busy, so we designed our compliance training courses with interactive, appealing graphics and text that are easy, fast and effective.

Let us help you get trained without the pain!

Our Basic HIPAA training course was designed to inform professionals that handle protected health information of patient privacy and security laws according to federal HIPAA guidelines. You will be able to print or email a certificate of completion after successfully completing the course.

Our TX H.B. 300 course will help you meet the required H.B. 300 training mandated by the state of Texas. TX H.B. 300 requires that new employees be trained on federal AND state law concerning protecting sensitive patient information within 90 days of hire.

HIPAA Course and Texas House Bill 300 bundle