Learning Management System

We use a Learning Management System (LMS) that simplifies online learning and was designed to be user friendly with a smooth user interface that is engaging and responsive. It saves time, which we all need, and increases engagement on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices.

This LMS is a responsive application that looks as good on mobile and tablet devices as it does on laptop or desktop. e-Learning has never been more appealing!

In addition to offering a LMS that is user friendly, clean and has a modern user interface which is responsive across all devices, it offers many features so that a number of actions can be performed by a manager.

Manager Role:

When a manager logs in they’ll find some of the following options in their drop down list:

  • Dashboard
  • Enrollments
  • Resources
  • Users
  • Reports

From these options, a manager can perform a number of actions such as, run reports on their team’s progress, keep team members’ profiles up to date and run a full set of reports on any teams they manage. To make it easy for managers to oversee multiple groups at the same time, they can click on their list of users and filter by group. Managing e-learning has never been easier.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about this comprehensive LMS or would like us to set you up to manage your learners.

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