Industrial PPE Training Course

What You’ll Learn from THIS PPE Training

We feel confident that after completion, for instance, you will be prepared to identify hazards. Above all, you will gain confidence in your ability to keep others safe. For example, do you know the equipment to have on hand?

Prerequisite Training

There are no prerequisite training courses for this course. For instance, you do not need to take any courses prior to PPE. Therefore, these courses could be taken alone or with other courses.

PPE Training Summary

Our PPE course provides education on the types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Therefore, you can fulfill the duties of your position with the proper armor. This course is designed with YOU mind – whether client-facing or support. In other words, your title does not matter – just that you get trained!  

Finally, we have training for YOU!

Seven PPE Training Topics

Target Audience

Below is an image showing a few roles that our PPE course targets. For instance, this course covers front office and back-office staff. Similarly, this training is available no matter your level, position, or location.

In conclusion, we know this training can help YOU too.

PPE Training for Industrial Personnel

Everyone is Worth PPE

It is crucial that the client, staff, and YOU are covered with the correct equipment. In other words, our PPE training is a good choice for you and your organization.

The Value of PPE

You or someone you know may be exposed to one or more of the following incidents. Keep in mind; however, that this is not an exhaustive list.

PPE Training Content

Our course educates individual learners – in addition to teams. The following table shows the topics and timings for each area. For instance, Head Protection devotes five minutes of the overall course.

Head Protection*5m
Hand Protection*5
Eye & Face Protection*5
Foot Protection*5
Ear Protection*5
Respiratory Protection*5
Body Protection*5
* This course contains overview content, summary text, and a progress menu at the end of each section. 

Additional PPE Resources

The following links provide great resources on PPE for organizations. For instance, you may find posters, graphics, and more.