COVID-19 Employer Training Course


This course is designed to keep people as safe as can be. The news and guidelines for COVID-19, the safety mandates, and vaccine information changes nearly daily.

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Course Intent

This course is designed to keep people as safe as can be. The news and guidelines for COVID-19, the safety mandates, and vaccine information changes nearly daily. Therefore, we are constantly adding information in an addendum at the back of the course to ensure the links provided are relevant to any changes we are aware of from our governing bodies and federal agencies.

This information is merely meant to be a guide and does not substitute for research and planning on your behalf or behalf of your company or organization. Your local jurisdiction might be more stringent than your state or federal mandates.


Your employees have worked from home for months, and now you are requesting that they come back to work, so your employees need to feel comfortable while returning to work. Your employees need to know that you care about their safety, health and training, and that you have  implemented the correct policies and procedures to protect them.


Welcome to CLS, we provide training for employees and employers to help protect you and your staff as we return back to work.  Employees want a secure and safe place to return to work knowing their employer has put forth the needed policies and training to protect them and their co-workers

Why is “COVID-19: Employer Training” Relevant to today?

Since the first US case was discovered in January 2020, the forecast and behaviors of everyday employees continues to change. Here are a few of the statistics:


  • 4,800+ complaints have been filed as of 9/21/20 regarding COVID-19 employment litigation (employees vs. employers)
  • The number of lawsuits by type are growing everyday (e.g., workplace, insurance-related, class-action, gender-related, disability-related, sexual harassment, wrongful dismissal, retaliation, wage & HR, and more
  • COVID-19 training is mandated in 16 states and counting
  • Some of the states leading in lawsuits include California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, and Texas (as of 9/23/2020)

Why Should I Choose THIS 5-STAR COVID-19 Course?

This course is designed to help employers to understand how to keep their employees safe while protecting themselves from avoidable legal matters. Business owners, supervisors/managers, and corporate leaders need to know how to be safe, function in their business, and offer the right information to their staff. Each employer that is registered and completes the employer training earns a Certificate of Completion upon successfully finishing the content. Be aware there is a short quiz at the end of the course to test knowledge.





Hany Samir, MD, FCCP 
• Assistant Professor of Cardiac Surgery Critical Care Transplant Quality
•. Assistant Professor of Cardiac Anesthesia
•. Assistant Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology in Neurosurgery
•. DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center
•. Houston Methodist Hospital
•. Committee member for the COVID-19 Task Force for Methodist Transplant Center



This course is intended for employers and managers concerned with potential liability from COVID-19 litigation.  Anyone returning to work in any of the following states require mandatory COVID-19 Employee Training by state law:


Course Information

  • Course Duration: 60 minutes
  • Enforced by:Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Certificate of Completion:Upon completion of this course, you will receive a certificate Employer Safety Guidelines to Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19.
  • Payment Options: Pay by credit card or Invoice